Twisted Tale of Friendship

It was a winter morning. The school ground was packed with sleepy children of class six.They had assembled for the award distribution.
            In the midst of the crowd, a girl was fussed with her short tunic and her brother’s sweater. She was oblivious to the boys who were behind making fun of her hair. She did not give a thought of what was going around her, she was forming a chain of thoughts in her head over the fight she had with her mother this morning. She just rejected to drink the milk in hurry. There was no reason to hurl so many curses, was there? it was the caring she rejected which made her mother feel which she expressed in form of anger.

Suddenly a voice broke her reverie,” why are you crying”?” the boy beside her had noticed the teardrop skip her eyes. The boy was her classmate, who had a really sweet face which made everyone smile.She looked away from him, not bothering to answer but she smiled too because he reminded her of her father. After a few minutes passed, she saw the boy from the corner of her eyes. He was staring at her. Her heart was beating really fast which made it uneasy to breathe for her. “Are you okay now? You want my sweater? You seem to feel uncomfortable with your sweater.” I did require a sweater, mine was shorter just like my tunic which exposed my legs in winter making them numb in cold, but I couldn’t everyone was staring. I replied simply with a nod rejecting his appealing offer and turned facing the principal who had started distributing the awards to the students who topped the standard.
         I wish I had studied too,the guilt was like a pang in the heart. To reduce the pain, I started thinking about the structure of the school. ” You do know that I am your classmate. Anyway my name is Amish. “My name is Alina.” His nod made me realize that he already knew me.”It does not matter, you matter. They tease everyone. You should not be afraid or intimidated by them.” I glanced back they were still teasing me. God alone knew what was wrong with me at that point of time. “I’m not intimidated. I just don’t like people talking behind my back. It makes me feel bad.” “It felt bad too but then my mom tells me to ignore and not react. I did that and now I’m immune to whatever they say. It does not matter.” Our conversation was interrupted by the speaker standing in the stage, Amish Bhagat, gets the merit certificate for highest marks in all subjects”. He walked towards the stage to receive his award. I, on the other hand forgot every problem around me and was smitten with his personality. His modesty struck me hard. A scholar accepting that he was bullied.WOW
        After that day, I thought of talking to him as we where classmates. Though he always gave me a comforting smile when our eyes met but words never came out. Neither from him nor from me. I was too shy to initiate a conversation. Till the end of class six, I couldn’t gather courage to talk to him. Our classes changed and so did our lives when we stepped into class seven. We often crossed paths, surrounded by our flock of friends. The group concept had begun budding into the teenage minds. We still managed to exchange a smile across the hallway while assembly. His smile was still comforting.

  On my father starting with a new job in another city, my life changed. I had to mold with my life in accordance with the advancing commitments. His existence faded from my life just like the lost footprints in the sand washed away by the waves.
        Couple of months later, I was back. Entering the same school premises with her mother.The nostalgic feeling was sinking in. My list of holidays was no longer same as my ex-school’s.While crossing the ground, I catch a glimpse of Amish engrossed in basketball with his playmates.the thought of going up to him intrigued me. But the fear and anxiety that he might not remember me overpowers the prior thought. While going home Alina randomly confesses to her mother, “maybe Amish and I where not destined to be friends.”
        And her mother with the experience of her life simply replies,”Well, life surprises us. Nobody can draw conclusions about life when you haven’t even entered the teenage years.”

                                                   Well both of them had a long way to go…

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